Highland Jacket - Silver Trim - Adult

  • £200.00

*Dickie / bib not included

Sleeve buttons - Child (3), Adult (5)

Made from 100% cotton velvet.  Made with silver buttons and braid (trim).  Jackets are interfaced with canvas interfacing and lined with cotton for comfort.  Vests & Jackets come with a zipper closure to match your colour choice and hide perfectly for a more secure discreet fit maintainting the shape of your jacket long term.

Highland Vests & Jackets follow standard sizes, which can be determined by using the following size chart. Special order vests are also available (where a dancer’s measurements do not match stock sizes).  There is an added fee for special orders.  Please contact Marg regarding all special orders. The following chart is in inches. Please do not add “room to grow” to your measurements.  If you are concerned about future growth please contact us directly.

All costumes meet the strict SOBHD regulations and are reviewed by teachers and judges prior to production.

Product Care, Fitting, And Measuring Guide

Note:  If you have added growth room to your measurements please indicate where and how much growth room you have added.  Measurements should be taken with the kilt on.  Including the dancer’s age, height, and body stature helps in making good fitting vests. Please take a measurement around, just above the dancer’s hipbone (not the fullest part of the hip, JUST above the bone).

Total Length: Measurement from the top of vest the back of the dancer’s neck to the bottom of the vest’s point at the dancer’s back.