Who We Are...

The People Behind Highland In Style Inc.

Marg Johnson, President

Born in Bowhill Scotland (good luck finding that on a map), she was known as Margaret Wallace until 1969 when she married her late husband Donald Johnson.  Marg is responsible for the sewing, design, and fitting of all costumes sold by Highland In Style. She is constantly searching for better quality materials and dancing supplies to provide her customers with the best quality dance supplies available at a reasonable cost. Marg is an accomplished and experienced seamstress with a reputation for quality products and custom design.  Marg's costumes and tartan has been showcased by numerous Highland dance retailers around the globe, the crowning moment was catching a glimpse of her product in a High Street window display in Scotland.

Marg has over thirty years experience in highland dancing through her active involvement in the dancing careers of her three children. She has held several executive level positions with the Calgary and Alberta Highland Dancing Associations, as well as taking on an active role in fundraising for Calgary’s successful hosting of the ScotDance Canada Inter-provincial Highland Dance Championships.  Marg has been honored as a lifetime member of the Calgary Highland Dance Association (CHDA). Marg continues her tradition of involvement through her generous donations to local, regional and national Highland associations whom welcome her support through sponsorship, donations, and special fundraising events typically geared towards fostering the development and participation of the youngest of dancers.

Ian Johnson, Executive Vice President

Ian is a Director of Highland In Style and conducts the daily business operations and web-support to the company. As a graduate of the SAIT School of Business with a focus in general management, Ian's area of expertise is business operations.  With 14 years of dance experience, Ian's dance studies started with highland before progressing to a focus on ballet - training for a number of years at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School. Following a number of years in retail management Ian attended the SAIT School of Business completing a Diploma in Business Administration focusing on General Management.  Ian joined Highland In Style on a full-time basis in 2014.

Erik Johnson, BComm, CRM, ACII, MIRM, MSc, MBATD Highland - Director

Erik is a Director of Highland In Style and provides business advise and web-support to the company. Erik is a Member of the British Association of Teachers of Dancing and a graduate of the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School’s Professional Division. While completing his training as a scholarship student at the RWB (receiving his Ballet Diploma in 1996) he danced as a provincial representative for Manitoba and completed his Member Highland with the BATD, under the instruction of Peter Archibald.  Following his ballet studies, Erik was lucky enough to perform in several Canadian tours with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet and attend the San Francisco Ballet’s summer programme. He has been active in ScotDance Canada as an Executive Committee Member and their Insurance Coordinator. He has also organised numerous open championship workshops for dancers in Alberta on behalf of the BATD.  While living in Calgary, Erik  co-directed a successful Highland dance school with his sister, Jennifer Johnson-George, with students going on to win provincial, national, and international championship titles, including the Canadian Inter-Provincial Championship title. Erik currently lives in London, UK where he works in the insurance industry.

Jennifer Johnson-George, B.Ed, MBATD National, MBATD Highland, MSDTA Highland, MA - Advisor

 Jennifer acts as an advisor to Highland In Style Inc. She scrutinizes the patterns, fabrics, and costumes to ensure that they meet the guidelines as set out by the Scottish Official Board of Highland Dancing. Jennifer has over 25 years of highland dancing experience. She was a Provincial Representative to the Canadian Inter-provincial Championships for 10 consecutive years (1988-1997), and is the only person to have won the Sword of the Rockies 5 years in a row at the Rocky Mountain State Championship in Colorado. She has her Member qualification in both the Highland and National branches of the British Association of Teachers of Dancing and her Member qualification from the Scottish Dance Teacher's' Alliance.   In 1990 Jennifer started her own Highland Dance School that she sold to a respected teacher and renowned dancer, Kelsie Zebrun. Jennifer retired from competitive Highland dancing at the age of 24 when she began working as an elementary school teacher. Jennifer has acted as Alberta's Secretary for the British Association of Teachers of Dancing and organizing the BATD's exam tour in Alberta as well as the BATD's Championship Step Lectures and Workshops in Calgary. Jennifer completed her Master of Arts with a specialization in Interpretive Studies in Education at the University of Calgary's Graduate Division of Educational Research in 2009.