7 Yard Kilt For 31"-35" Hip Final Cost $615

  • $ 315.00 CAD

A 7 yard Highland Dancing kilt hand crafted in the traditional Scottish style.  Using your choice of our exclusive tartan cloth milled in Scotland using the finest 100% wool.

The 7 yard kilt is suitable for dancers hip measuring 31" to 35". Kilts are made with extra deep pleats, growth pleat, and hem for growth. Our kilts contain more fabric at a lower cost!

Why is there more fabric in a Highland In Style Kilt?

  • Our kilts have pleats measuring 5/8th of an inch, other kiltmakers use pleats as large as 1".  A 5/8th inch pleat means you get MORE pleats, which results in MORE 'fling', also known as the swing of the kilt when dancing.
  • Extra fabric incorporated into the front apron means the kilt can be easily altered as the dancer grows and changes shape, so the kilt will last longer.
  • Any leftover tartan is shipped with the kilt.  This can be used for crafts, or turned into countless fashion accessories. Every inch of fabric you buy is delivered to you.

The price of $315 paid to Highland In Style is for the price of materials and shipping to and from the kiltmaker.  A payment of $300 Canadian Dollars which includes taxes (see current exchange rates) is made directly to the kiltmaker after confirming measurements. The final price for this kilt is $615 Canadian.

Please contact us for current wait times.

Tartan is 12.5 oz weight.

Choose from our list of available tartan.

See our Measuring Guide for assistance. Review this "Measuring for a kilt" video.

All costumes meet the strict SOBHD regulations and are reviewed by teachers and judges prior to production.

Product Care, Fitting, And Measuring Guide