Billy Forsyth Shockabzorb

  • £48.00

Shoes are in UK sizes.

Protection from natural shockwaves through the foot, ankle, knee, thigh and hip joint is now available for Highland Dancers competing at the highest level. This amazing insole material actually swallows and dissipates 97% of the impact energy when your foot hits the ground giving a bounce to your dancing never before experienced. And all this in a shoe designed for every dancer from Beginner level to Championship winners. Originally produced to combat the rigours of dancing on the heavy, solid surface of the Castle Esplanade during the Edinburgh Military Tattoo, this new improved Highland Dance Shoe is especially suitable for dancers who have been subject to the minor strains and injuries which come along when dancing through a heavy programme of demonstrations, competitions and regular classes or dancing on hard, heavy surfaces. The new insole material has been developed in conjunction with major research organisations and raises vibration and shock absorbing qualities to new heights. So thin is the material used that it can replace the regular inner sole with virtually no loss of feeling or flexibility, and by being lasted into the shoe during the production process the shoe is as comfortable as your regular time-proven Billy Forsyth 'Original' shoes.

Please note that all Child sizes 11 - 13.5 and Adult size 8 - 10 are on a special order basis only.