Limited Edition Yellow Baird 2016

$55.00 CAD $79.00 CAD

This is the second of a special limited edition line of tartan designed and produced by Highland In Style.  Once this tartan is sold out it will not be produced again for approx 1 year.  This ensures dancers will be certain to have a unique tartan shared by an exclusive few around the world!

This is also available as an ADULT or CHILD Aboyne Skirt or Custom Kilt.

Due to the limited availability of this tartan orders will be filled on a first come first served basis. If demand exceeds supply before this item can be taken offline, we will have to regretfully cancel your order.

100% Wool YELLOW BAIRD 2015.  Please select either YARD or METRE when ordering.  Leave the quantity as "1" unless you require more than 5 yards/metres.

All plaids are made of 100% wool and are milled in Scotland exclusively for Highland In Style. This particular tartan matches the following velvet colours.

  • Black
  • Cinnamon (this is a limited edition velvet, please CONTACT US for more details)

Product Care, Fitting, And Measuring Guide

PLEASE NOTE - Colours are not exactly as shown.  The photos you currently see will soon be updated with high quality high resolution photos.  The current photos are simply for website testing purposes. Customers requiring more than 5 Metres or Yards may simply use the QUANTITY section to apply multiples of lengths. For example, if you require 8 yards, simply chose a length of 4 yards, and set the quantity to 2.